Puppet Timplong (Wayang Timplong)


Currently artistry of  Timplong puppet  is still alive and thriving in the midst of communities of the rural population, a mostly farmers. Puppet Timplong not involve singer Sinden (waranggana), his panjak (player of gamelan) were only five people. not like on a shadow play of Yogyakarta and Surakarta.

This puppet is still often in performances at Nganjuk governments, at every celebration, birthday Nganjuk governments at 10 April, weddings, circumcision, birth anniversary, and ruwatan village's (to drive out of custody or disaster), as well as on Java ruwatan Suro and Selo. And the story about the stories of the past, but it is possible to develop according to its time.

According to the Staff of the Cultural Department of Tourism and Culture, the art form that grows as the legacy work of the ancestors of this in Dung Bajul Village, the first born in the village of Kedung pickpocket, so people call it puppet Dung Bajul. This art has been around since 1800 with the first mastermind Bancol then forwarded by Mbah Guno, Mbah Karso, Mbah Juhul, Mbah Budo, Mbah Onggo, champion Paidi, and Mbah Tawar.

But there is also a mention as puppet Timplong, because it was taken from the retinue gamelan gambang, kempul and kenong whose voice sounded plong-ting thong, thong-plong-ting.

In 1976  Mbah Jikan with Mbah Talam, Mbah Maelan, and Mbah Suwoto as next generation founded arts group puppet Timplong in the village of  Jetis. Art is flourishing because in it there are two elements art that is at once , arts music  and literary arts are presented in the form of the show. The performance and show  describe a folklore origin of a region and  of story of love Panji's  in which there is moral messages and ethics contains advice-advice and innuendo about emerging issues.

Musical accompaniment and his supporters in the form of Gamelan Timplong instruments and vocal music voiced by puppeteer. Gamelan Timplong only accompany puppet performances, could not accompany other art. Gamelan consists of a Kendang, a Gambang made of bamboo with the barrel tilted pelog goods, with tone 7 (In the Java language, tone Pitu), tap with tone 2 (In the Java language, tone Loro) and two kenong with tone 3 (In the Java language, tone Barbadensis) and 7 (In the Java language, tone Pitu) tone plus keprak pelog goods and cempolo.

Gending a played a special and Pakem like Gending sendonan usually to accompany suluk mastermind. Then "Gending grendel" as "Gending Pamumko", played at early performances and closing performances, "Gending Adek-adek" as "Gending sirepan", usually to accompany janturan and stories in a puppet show timplong, "Gending Rangsang" is Gending to accompany the puppet bedolan , and Gending  prahab is to accompany the dancer doll serimpi in end of the story at a stage. Gending-gending the on sounding accordance with their respective functions.

In the show, the dialogue using everyday language such as Java language, Java ngoko and Indonesian languages. While his minstrelsy by puppeteer is a Java language containing elements of literature.