Shell Clam Handicrafts from Bandung Indonesia

>Shell clam handicrafts from indonesia, Choice handicraftsStart a business since 1996 starting with selling crafts product made by people other. Since the year 1999 began to plunge the industry to supply the various crafts to a number of galleries in Bali. These galleries require unique crafts that Slamet asked to supply different goods with crafts existing in the gallery.

Initially only Slamet Rosyidi producing various handicraft items made from coconut shell, but then evolved into shells, cinnamon and Other items that can be affixed with resin material (fiber glass). Order it shell crafts combined with resin / fiber glass continues to increase rapidly. In fact, handicraft manufacturing orders of the shell is now dominating the activities handicraft production in the home production Slamet's Central Rosyidi Crafts.

Handicraft industry development originally only to the coconut shell-based products Another accompanied by rising the volume of orders from the buyers have Slamet forced to increase the number of employees from the original only supported 2 people now a 30 employee.

Shell Clam handicrafts from choice handicrafts blogShell crafts and goods Other craft-based fiber glass Slamet made Rosyidi now easily can be found in various galleries and shops crafts / art in a number of cities large in ground water such as in Bali and Jakarta. A number of Shopping Centers in the country as The sun, Sogo, Pasar Raya, Centro, Batik Keris and outlets Duty Free is part of the sales network for craft products Slamet made.

In addition to the production market in the country, Slamet also endeavored to find buyers from abroad. Efforts Slamet It had to fruition with to do exports to Spain following the orders conveyed by a buyer of the country's matador. Unfortunately, manufacturing orders handicrafts of shell and coconut shell was not resumed due to the Bali Bombing incident that has caused the decline in foreign tourists visit.

Various craft items made by Slamet generally a good interior decoration in the form of a table decoration, wall decoration or even the hanging. But besides develop interior decoration products, Slamet also developing products table and a cupboard are decorated with patches of shell and coconut shells are slicked with resin mixture.

indonesia handicrafts products, shell clam wooden and woven handicraftsAccording to Slamet, various hotels and restaurants Bali now has many uses Slamet expertise in decorating the room hotels and restaurants to take advantage patches of shell and coconut shell.

Raw materials are easily obtained and widely available in the country. Shell mostly taken from Sumbawa, while Most coconut shell taken from approximately Bali itself. While the chemical form of resin and catalyst is easily obtained in stores chemicals.

Slamet has successfully developed hundreds of craft product model patches shell and coconut shell. Product design generally is a clone of similar products in the market which then modified by Slamet a new design. Occasionally There are also buyers who take own design drawings and order made by Slamet.

Home handicrafts made from shell clam ndonesia island various from regionHandicraft products, and seashell sticker coconut Slamet production sold prices vary widely, depending to the size and complexity of manufacture. For example coaster products sold by price of Rp 5,000 per unit, whereas the rice dishes by 35 cm diameter, made of resin shell sold with the price of Rp 900,000 ( USD $ 90 ).

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