Spotting a Bargain

>It really doesn't take a lot of money to make a house a home, just the determination and patience to search for a bargain, and the willingness and humility to take a freebie when you find one. My son-in-law and daughter's apartment is made up of several bargains and freebies.

You already know that the sofa was bought on Craig's List, but there's even more budget savers. Let me show you just a few.
I purchased the mirrored table from the thrift store for six dollars. It went home with them last summer in a car that was filled to the brim with wedding gifts and luggage. The sassy little black and white vase on the top was a cast-off from a friend.The coffee table was a freeie, and so was the chest I used to define the entry. It got a coat of black spray paint to fit in with the Swedish store bought furniture.
That great looking over-sized orange lamp was a
five dollar discovery from "my" thrift store. Fortunately it arrived safely inside a very well packed check-in suitcase. It just needed a new shade to give it a classy up-date.
The shutters flanking the windows were free. I got a phone call from my daughter asking me if she should pick them up. Of course I said YES! They're hung on both the living room and dining room windows to add an architectural element to a plain apartment, as well as unify the style of the two rooms.We saw that tall piece late one night (right corner in above photo) in someone's garbage pile on our way back to the apartment. My daughter stopped the car and I jumped out to pick it up. It's missing a few baskets, but it's still functional for storage. It may get a make-over next time I visit.The beautiful china cabinet was a twenty-five dollar find on Craig's List. It's missing the glass shelf. They'll get one cut at a glass/window shop. The dining room table was a freebie from their last apartment. The top had a light stain, but with some sanding and a couple of coats of dark cherry stain it lost it's farmhouse feel and now looks fresh and hip.The bar stools were found on CL. They only wanted two but the sellers wanted them sold as a set of four. I'm sure they'll come in handy when they have several dinner guests.
Most of the accessories were wedding gifts, thrift finds, dollar store goodies, or family heirlooms.
With a little determination, patience, willingness, and humility, you really can create a beautiful, stylish home on a tight budget!