Bowled Over

>There was one more thrift store treasure that I didn't show you yesterday.
It's this wooden salad bowl.

You don't think it's a treasure?
I love it.
In fact, I now have a collection of wooden bowls. They're not your typical bowls. They each have interesting details. And, of course, I like to paint them black.
Do you think they're fabulous now???

How about when they're turned over?
I'm sure that right about now you're wishing you hadn't passed by that old wooden salad bowl last time you were at the thrift store.
Don't worry.
It will probably still be there, because no one else knows
what a fabulous find it really is.

Speaking of fabulous...go check out Darlene and Kara.
They're both giving away some fabulous prizes on their blogs.
(I used the word "fabulous" four times in this post!)