Comfort Zone


I am a creature of comfort.
I prefer to stay in my little cocoon
where I can be safe and warm and comfortable.
There is only one problem with that attitude.
I do not grow.
And even though growing can be painful,
it is also a necessary part of life.

Today I find myself in an uncomfortable but necessary position.
I have determined that it is time for me to
stretch my wings and fly
As scary as it is for me to do,
I fear that it will be more scary not to.

Recently I quietly celebrated my blog's second anniversary.
Like most events in my life the celebration included
a time of reflection.
It also caused me to visualize what I want in the future.

Blogging has taken me to places I never anticipated.
It is time for me to go further.
Time to leave my comfort zone.
To push myself.
To become more.
I know that if I can become more
I can have a greater impact on others.

That's the scary part!
I would much rather be a hermit
than put myself out in the world.
But the time has come.

Please be kind.

I have decided that it is time for me to
ask for sponsors.
Although I hesitate to charge people money
I know that it is a means to help others grow.

Okay, (deep breath!)
that is not where my stretching ends.

For several years now I have done design consultations
for friends and friends of friends.
It has become a small business.
A business that I really enjoy.
It is time for me and my business to grow.
If you live in my area
(Northern Utah, USA)
I am available for hire.

Please contact me at
if you are interested in advertising
or a design consultation.

Getting out of your comfort zone
is both scary and exhilarating!

What will you do today to get out of your comfort zone?