Happy Happenstances

>Don't you just love it when your home design just falls into place without much thought? Over the past several weeks I've been lucky enough to pick up a small library of home decor books at the thrift store, one or two at a time. (A girl needs all the inspiration she can find for two to three dollars a book, right?) I enjoy looking through my books and magazines in the comfort of my sun-filled living room, and so I'll often have a stack lying around.
A month or so ago I found this big beautiful metal basket for three dollars at the thrift store. I brought it home and just dropped it off onto the door/coffee table. It looked so beautiful there that that became it's home. One day, in an effort to tidy up, I threw my stack of books into the basket and plopped the one that I had been reading onto the stack. When I walked back into the room, I saw my happy happenstance. The books looked beautiful in the basket, especially with the open one on top. It was as if I had purposely displayed a photo gallery right on top of my table. In these dreary days of the remnants of winter, it's nice to see beautiful photos of spring displayed in such a random sort of way. It's just a little something that makes me smile.
Then there was another happenstance. A few weeks ago I was looking through my paint decks. I had them spread out on the door table when something caught my eye. I have had several of you ask me the paint color of my vibrant green table and up until that moment I have had to reply that I didn't know, because it was a mistint that I'd purchased from the home improvement store.
But there, staring back at me was the answer inquiring minds wanted to know! In my free little Fall '08 paint deck from PB was the color of my table. It's BM jalepeno pepper. . .well, because my table has an added layer of glaze, I suppose the correct answer is actually "aged jalepeno pepper."

Hooray for happy happenstances!