>I've been adding a few finishing details to my office closet. One very important detail are the labels. I adore labels for organizing. With labels I never have to hear the words, "Moooooommmmm, where's the _____?!?" or "Honey, where do I put this?"Labels don't have to be office supply ordinary. It's always an enjoyable touch to turn the practical into the pretty. It gives you even more reason to smile when opening an organized closet.Interestingly enough, my husband and I had a discussion about labels a few days ago while out on our morning walk. We didn't discuss the labels that help keep us organized, but rather the labels we tend to give ourselves. We all do it. Unfortunately, personal labels aren't always as wonderful as organizational labels, although both can serve as a means to contain. Have you noticed that often the labels we give ourselves are not positive and character building? In fact it's the negative labels that truly do keep us contained and boxed up. Personal negative labels keep us from growing and experiencing all the good that life has to offer. Negative labels can also keep us from giving the best of ourselves to others. I realize this daily in my own life and I'm trying to break out of my boxes with negative labels. It's definitely not an easy thing, especially when the labels have been there for years. But I know that if I am to become the person I am meant to be, I have to remove the stifling negative labels and replace them with encouraging positive labels.
Spring time is a time of change and renewal in nature. It's also a excellent time to make changes in ourselves. Will you join me and think of a few positive labels to describe yourself and then daily work toward those attributes?
The incredible thing about giving positive labels to ourselves is that it can become contagious and before you know it, you'll find yourself giving those around you positive labels too.

Why don't we all start
a positive label epidemic!