Lessons Learned

>As I answered the phone my concerned friend queried, "What now?!?!" She lovingly listened and laughed with me as I explained how I had just managed to smack my hand while walking into the bathroom and now there was swelling and a bruise the size of a golf ball. This was the same friend who only days before listened as I whined about the odors in my home. I had smelled a strong stench of mold and asked hubby to check to see if he could find the source. His solution was to use bleach where he thought the odor originated. He used it full strength which presents a problem---bleach that isn't diluted soon turns from a clean, swimming pool aroma into the absolute worst stinky feet odor one can imagine. Of course that problem became minuscule the next day when hubby emerged from the basement to declare that we had water seeping up from the floor drain forming a muddy, rusty pool in the furnace room.Yes we have had a series of unfortunate events this week. Well actually for the past year it seems we have had our fair share of life's adventures. Job changes, health issues, a lost business, root canals and wisdom teeth, ill and aging parents, financial challenges, panic attacks, and four broken bones, just to name a few.
I have sobbed, prayed, gotten angry, prayed, pouted, prayed, questioned, prayed, pleaded . . . and prayed.
And through it all I was taught an important lesson titled, Perspective.
It is so easy to see the ugly in our lives and compare it to the beauty in others. But when times get bad we need to stop and take a look at how blessed we really are. I got a strong dose of the lesson on perspective after the frantic phone call from my son explaining that he had just broken his legs and would need to be life-flighted. I crumbled to my knees hysterically pleading for direction when an overwhelming sense of calm came upon me and the words, "he is alive" came into my head. In the midst of what appeared to be a tragedy I was told by the Lord to be grateful, grateful for the blessings I did have. My son was alive. He would be healed. And he was.
The proper perspective teaches us that no matter how bad things are, things can be worse.
That amidst our trials are scattered blessings, sometimes they are buried, but they are still there.
Even though I have learned this lesson, I have to remind myself every day to choose to change my view of life. It's not always easy to put things into perspective. But it is always a choice that once made makes our lives easier. Perspective reminds us that bones will heal. That nasty odors coming from sons moldy towels can be washed away but that wonderful memories with those sons can't. That chlorine smells will fade. That drains can be cleared and puddles cleaned. That no matter how dark the night, the sun will rise in the morning. And perspective also teaches that some trials aren't so easily taken care of, but there is still life to be lived, joy to be found, blessings to be grateful for, and family and friends to hold close.

is a most wonderful possession!