A Little Bit of Not Much

>Today I'll be trying to catch up on a few projects. I'll be applying a paste wax to my new table. I used regular brush on latex paint so to help give it a hard finish, I like to rub in some wax. It will help protect it from cars being driven across it and shoes and bottoms being plopped on it.Many of you asked me the color. It was an oops paint. Saturday, I ran to the H Depot to see if I could find a close match. I am sorry to say that there wasn't one. The closest thing I could tell you is that it's a muddied version of Lemon Grass.

When it gets a little warmer, this afternoon, I'll be spray painting this:
Yes, it's also made from an old door. I'll be changing the color to a nice satin black (big surprise!). It will be going in my youngest son's room along with some other pieces of furniture that I'll be painting this week. Hopefully the weather will stay in the sixties so I can get a lot accomplished!