Strangely Beautiful


I managed to hit a few thrift stores
in another town last Saturday.

There wasn't much that caught my eye,
except for this little item.I didn't know what it was.
And neither did my husband who has
a knowledge of
unusual things.
His best guess was that it was a container
for something at a work site.

It appears to be handmade.
It's a heavy metal with a black foam insert.
It was unusual, but I could see potential.
Do you?
First I removed the foam insert
and gave it a good cleaning.

Now are you beginning to see it's beauty?Of course it needed a new coat of paint.

It looks great as a candle holder.How about a snazzy utensil caddy?Or a pretty T.P. container?Insert a glass vase and it makes a home grown bouquet
look like it belongs on the cover of a magazine.It looks wonderful filled with seasonal decorations
and tied with a bow.
Everything looks better when you see it's true beauty.