Third Time Is A Charm

>Years ago, when most of our children were still at home, my husband and I built a beautiful square table. I loved it then but with our family getting smaller I started to yearn for a smaller round table. When I voiced my desire my family rejected the idea of replacing the table that we had built. I was left with only one choice, if I couldn't change the table shape, I could change the existing table style. I stripped off the old finish, painted and re-stained, added a varathane for protection, and then for added protection I added a layer of wax. OH BOY was that a bad choice! The varathane and wax did not play well together and I was left with having to start the process all over again. Yes, at this point I was definitely wishing I had just bought the round table that I wanted, but I wanted to be sensitive to my family's wishes so I did a DO-OVER-DO-OVER.

Strip the finish.First coat of gray stain.Drybrush on walnut stain.Varathane, and finally. . .ENJOY!The third time is a charm!