Another Light Topic


This is the chandelier hanging in my dining room. I really like it.
I know it seems a bit plain,
but that's what I like about it.

I can dress it up or down,
depending on the month or my mood.

During the Christmas season I decorate it
with a wreath and dangle big ornaments from it.
For Halloween, a bat finds it a nice place to hang.
Today I hung some huge sparkly leaves for fall.
Some months it loses the shades,
gains some round bulbs and
is dressed with little pretties from
the dollar area of the craft store.
Sometimes I add another layer of sparkle
that was originally meant to be Christmas garland.
Other months it's a random combination.
But I think this one is my favorite.Old silver spoons hung with curly copper wire.
Take time to visit Melissa and Ashley
to see their dollar frame creations.