>OOOOHH! May I just say that this non-black spray paint week is turning out much better than I anticipated! I'm discovering new colors and, on top of that, every project has been one that I've pulled out of storage and am now using in my home. Double Bonus!
See this little country cabinet. . .
I purchased it at the thrift store years ago and it's been in storage ever since. That's why it's so dusty. I put it in the donate pile a few times, but it always managed to find it's way home. I decided that it was time to give it a makeover or give it away. It just happens to be the perfect size to fit in the alcove, above the potty, in my boys bathroom. It now has a new home, so it's time to give it a new look.
I chose to paint it espresso.
Yes, I used my new little gadget. (I tried to answer all of your questions about this new tool in the comment area of Tuesdays post.) I also used my mask---safety first! If you were standing next to me when I took this picture you would have noticed that those pesky little vegetables are trying to show through the paint. I'm not too worried because I have a plan. But this is a good time to be reminded that if you're painting over an existing finish, it's important to give it a good sanding and use primer.
I'm going to hide those pesky vegies with wallpaper. I really like combining wallpaper with wood. I did it when I covered the back of my china cabinet and when I made the decorations for my daughter's wedding.

Wallpaper is thicker than regular paper and it's handy for covering big areas. You can usually buy it for just a couple of dollars at thrift stores and garage sales. I paid a dollar for a brand new roll of this pinstripe walpaper.I cut the paper to size and then adhered it to the doors.
*HELPFUL HINT* Those plastic fake credit cards, that you get in the mail as advertisements, come in handy for smoothing out the wallpaper.
Then I hung it, decorated it, and filled it full of bathroom necessities. It has a new, useful life and I think it looks looks great!

I hope you're getting your spray paint projects ready for Monday's party.