I See Sea Glass

>Last week I stood in front of rows of paint trying to find a color that I would love as much as my black. I found this beautiful Sea Glass in a satin finish. I knew right away that I would love it because it reminds me of a room in my home.

Now I just had to find an item to cover with this delightful color.
Out in storage I found this little beauty.
I had adopted her at the thrift store. She's old, beat up, and even a bit warped (I hope that's not how my kids describe me). I knew that her previous owners wanted someone to love her because before they donated her they slathered her up with a heavy coat of furniture oil. It took forever for that stuff to soak in, that's why she was in storage. But, with a new finish she could come out and enjoy family life in a room that she would relate to in color.
You know, the true beauty of sea glass is that it's a bit rough looking. So after a couple of nice coats of spray paint I covered the little table with some white glaze, to show off the details as well as the wear. Then out came the sand paper to sand the spots that would have worn naturally. And just like a piece of sea glass, the beauty of my newly made-over table came shining through.
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Have a wonderful weekend, my friends. Get your spray paint projects ready for Monday, cuz we're going to have a PARTY!!!