Five Miles, Five Minutes

>I have time management issues. It's frustrating for my husband. Years ago we heard a comedian talking about his wife. He said something like "She's always late because she thinks if someplace is five miles away, it will only take five minutes to get there." Both my husband and I laughed because the comedian could have just as easily been talking about me. At least now when my husband is frustrated with my poor time management he'll say, "five miles, five minutes" as a way to understand my way of thinking.
So it wouldn't surprise you that when I plan to get projects done, I usually plan on accomplishing several things in a limited amount of time. Saturday's list had six (or maybe even eight) major projects on it, plus other activities like: make sure my boys mow the lawns, go grocery shopping and go to a church dinner. And then there was the unexpected; a trip to the home improvement store and a trip to my mom's for a quick fix-it.
Sunday was spent at church and with family. We don't work on projects on Sundays. So needless to say, I don't have my project finished that I was planning to reveal today. Part of that may be due to the fact that it took around THREE hours to strip the old paint off of the balusters.
These babies are a hundred years old and the paint is peeling. I'm pretty sure that some of that paint contains lead, so for safety sake, I needed to take off all of the paint.

I did manage to paint my last project
a nice Heirloom white.
We were able to replace our old kitchen sink
with a pretty new one.
And we were able to complete another project that I'll show you in tomorrow's post.
As for the reveal of the item I teased you about of Friday, it will take another day...or so. I'll have my husband help me assemble it tonight, and then I'll begin to paint it tomorrow.
I am so sorry to disappoint you all. But, if you haven't figured it out by now...I'm not superwoman, because if I were, I could definitely go five miles in five minutes!