My Dearest

>Dearest Hurricane,
I am sorry to inform you that your twin, the one I purchased at the thrift store when I purchased you, has undergone some cosmetic changes.
You see, while giving her a bath in the kitchen sink I heard a loud pop and noticed a large crack in her base (likely a result of the combination of scalding hot water inside her while she sat on a cold sink bottom).
A few weeks later the crack turned into a severed break! I could not bear to throw her out but instead I placed your twin upside down to mourn her unfortunate state.
Then one day my hubby, desiring to relieve the two of us from our misery, had a wondrous plan!
He would gently break off the rest of her base and sand down the sharp edges. The plan was successful with one exception, she was still a bit rough around the edges. Thank goodness a little dressing of burlap and rope could come to her aide and cover her flaws.

So you see my little hurricane, there is no need to mourn for your twin. She is living a new life.
She has blossomed into a beautiful cloche!