Occasional Glimpses

>The other night I walked through our darkened home. I walked into the family room and turned on the lights. Their glow brought enough light that I needn't turn on any others. As I finished up in the kitchen I turned and looked into lit the family room.
At that moment I got a glimpse, a still shot, like a photo in a magazine. The room was far from magazine perfect. Pillows and toys were strewn across the floor, which needed a good vacuuming. All of the surfaces needed to be dusted, but still I got that glimpse that happens on occasion.
I stood to take it all in.

Along with the glimpse came a feeling of reverence.
This is our home. Ours.
We are the ones responsible for making it a place of comfort. It is a place where laughter abounds,
where friends are welcome.
A haven for memories.
A shelter from the storms of life.
A sanctuary for our family.
I stood in awe as I thought of how
our hands have created many of it's contents.
This is the same room I pass through dozens of times each day
but at that moment it felt different.
It seems that I get so busy with the day to day that
I lose sight of the wonderful details that are my life
. So when those occasional glimpses occur I try to take it all in,
the moment,
what has been revealed to my soul
and express gratitude for the blessings I have been given.

For I am truly blessed.