Designer Tricks

>When you look through home decor books and magazines, you've probably noticed some tricks that designers consistently use when staging a room or vingette.

Let's have a discussion on
"Designer Tricks."
Gather a Grouping Groupings and collections are generally gathered over time and because of that, they give a home the feeling of age. They fascinate the eye and tell a story of the people who live in the home. Take a walk around your house and gather up objects that are alike. Group those objects together for more impact. Each framed burlap design certainly looks great on it's own, but when displayed together they have the appeal of a collection and more design impact.
Layer It On Layers really give a display character and charm. In this display there a several layers. There are layers of frames, of candles, and of books.Lighten Things Up When a lamp is turned on, even during the day, it gives warmth to a room. Lamp light is more warm and relaxing than harsh overhead lighting. Scatter lamps throughout your home. Try to add small lamps in unexpected places, like bookshelves, bathrooms, and kitchen counters, for an added touch of coziness.
Candles give that same warmth, even when they're not lit. Some designers say that you MUST burn your candles, if only to burn the wick. I think it's a personal preference. Sometimes I like the look of a fresh, unburned candle. It's your home, YOU make the rules.
Nurture Nature Flowers, plants, grasses, even fruits and vegies help to bring LIFE into a room. Next time you browse through a home decor catalog, notice how many pages include an element of nature. If you don't have the time or energy to take care of the real thing, then go for faux. Just make sure that the faux nature looks as good as the real deal.Book It Every room and display looks more inviting with books or magazines. It's that design element that says, "Slow down, relax, and sit a while." Pile your books and magazines in pretty stacks. Use them to give a display lift and height. You likely already have several books and magazines, so you can incorporate this designer trick into your home without even spending any money. Don't underestimate the impact that a stack of reading material can have in your room.Repeat That When a design element repeats itself it has more interest and ties the entire look together. Notice how there are several elements that are repeated. The burlap in the frames is repeated around the candles. There is a repetition of frames, candles, and mirrors. Even the letter A is repeated.

Okay, our design discussion has concluded.
Your assignment is to incorporate one, or several,
of these design elements into your home.

Now, get up out of your chair and do your homework.
Oh, there's one design element we didn't discuss.
Have Fun
making your house a home!