Surrounded and Surprised

>You are a true addict when you try to stop but find that you have surrounded yourself with friends who have the same addiction! My wonderful friends, I'm going to try this withdrawal despite the fact that most of you told me that I don't have an addiction, or that it's a good addiction to have, and are admitted black spray paint addicts yourself.
Now repeat after me. . . "CHANGE IS GOOD!" Great!
Please don't fear!
We're only going to try this for a week.
Come on, with everyone's help, we can do it!
Yes, change is good.

I decided that I'd try not only a change in paint color, but a change in brand. I must confess that I am a bit of a spray paint snob. I buy only one brand because it has always been the one I can depend on. But I found myself standing in front of spray paint at a discount store and, after seeing the ridiculously cheap price of .90 cents, I thought that I didn't have much to lose.I picked up this can and read, "Cap Approximates Color of Contents". I thought I was buying a nice, neutral gray. I gave it a spray at home and was surprised to see that my paint purchase was labeled "sterling silver."A few days later, I ran across these little metal insects that I had stored away. They were quite the rage a few summers ago and I'd purchased a few of the rusty looking little critters. Even though they're a bit out of style, I couldn't bring myself to abandon them.
So there was just one thing to do,
(let's say it all together now)
I know that black would have been a good color choice, but remember I'm on a quest,
so here was my opportunity to
try something new---a new color and a new brand.

I lined my guinea pigs in a row and began to spray.
Then I began to giggle with glee!
To my surprise,
a new color and a new, cheap brand
was actually working for me.
I was getting that same spray paint high!
I did it!
I managed to have the courage to change
and it paid off!
I'm hosting a garden party in a few weeks.
I think these little sassy sterling silver critters
will be a fun addition to the buffet table.

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