Get A Handle


A few years ago we remodeled our kitchen for just around a thousand dollars. Of course that price did not include the appliances or new cabinetry. But it did include light fixtures, beadboard, glass, primer, paint, glaze, poly, granite tiles, grout and all the materials for the new underlayment that's required when you tear off the existing counter tops. Then there was the cost of the trim at the top of the cabinets, tile for the edging, and hardware for the drawers and doors. And when it was finished I was pretty proud of our "new" old kitchen. However, there was one element that I felt we could improve on if we could find another bargain. The white hardware.

I had purchased a big bag of white handles at the thrift store for three dollars. Who can pass that up when there's twenty-six handles that need to be replaced? It looked fine enough until I came across another
bag-o-hardware last week at the thrift store for four dollars.
The new handles match perfectly with our lighting fixtures
and the lead on the stained glass door.
I think the kitchen is complete. . . .
at least until we get weather warm enough to throw open the windows and break out the paint brushes because there's just one more element that I need to improve upon!