Go Big or Go Home

>Okay, first I'll give you a project update, the item has been assembled! However, I'm not sure how much I'll be able to do today because the weather has turned COLD and I'm feeling a bit crummy because of some dental work I had done.

In the meantime, I'll show you one of the projects we completed on Saturday. See this little light in my stairwell. It came from the PB outlet years ago. I liked it when I bought it. But it sat for about two years waiting to be put up (I'm not kidding). Once it was up, I really didn't like it. It was too small for the space and after two years, it wasn't really my style any more. So I began my search for a replacement. Luckily, a year or so later, I found one at the thrift store. Don't laugh, but this one took about a year before it was finally put into place. Can you tell that my husband isn't fond of heights? Fortunately, for my husband, I still like this one. Actually, now that it's finally hung, I like it even more. This beauty is an antique brass, even though the picture makes it look like a shiny brass. It's huge and fits the space perfectly.

You know what they say, "go big or go home."