Sunflower Love

>Oh how I love sunflowers! They are such a happy plant. Those pretty, bright yellow heads that magically track the sun

through the day (a little reminder for me to keep my face to the light).I have tried for years to grow them.
I have only been successful once.

I'm not sure why a flower that will thrive in an empty lot will not grow in my yard. Because of this, I have been spotted over the years traipsing through abandoned patches of ground cutting large bouquets. Did you know that people can give you some really strange looks when you're out in an empty field with a pair of clippers?This year I decided to go faux with some realistic looking sunflowers. They're just as pretty but without the mess of hitchhiker bugs, falling pollen, and odd looks from strangers.And I love how they look in my thrift store vintage brown bottles.