I'm Back, I'm Catching Up, And I'm Crazy?!?


Hoooray! We're up and running again.
And if you think I accomplished creatively, wonderful things yesterday... I'm sorry to disappoint you. I did manage to catch up on a little laundry though. Speaking of catching up, I want to thank those of you who have passed along awards to me. I really appreciate your thoughtfulness! For those of you who've tagged me and want me to list weird or random facts, I've decided instead...(oh, you know I'm a rule breaker!) ...to spend a post answering questions. Hopefully, you won't be bored! Feel free to ask about painting, decorating or past projects. And just to get you started, Darlene asked: Are the forks [on the fork rack] sturdy enough to hang things besides keys? The answer is: Yes. I've hung jackets on it. But I wouldn't hang my ten pound purse on it.

Now, I want you to see one of my latest
thrift store finds.
As I stood in the thrift store,
I thought I heard it call to me:

"Joy, buy me please!
I'm only ten dollars.

You know you have a soft spot for wing back chairs.
Look at the detail on my legs.
I'm unusual. And you like the unusual.
I'd look great spray painted.
I'd be pretty easy to reupholster.
Please don't leave me here.

I want to go home with you!" Now I'm beginning to question,