Spray Paint Thaw

>Hooray! The temperatures here have finally reached near the 40's! And even though the spray paint can directions say ideal painting temps are 50-70 degrees, I ran outside with a thrift project in one hand and shaking a paint can in the other.The project I chose was a large metal tray that had an original finish of a mix of greens, browns, and rust.It's a subtle change but I think it looks much nicer painted metallic charcoal with the details highlighted using silver Rub n' Buff.It looks great sitting on my kitchen table corralling all of the pretties I like to keep there. I try to have a candlelight dinner whenever we eat at the table---even though my boys question why. Isn't it a momma's job to insert a few feminine details into the lives of her men? Besides, it makes me happy to be surrounded by beautiful things and if momma's happy then everybody's happy, right?And another thing that makes me happy is to be able to use my favorite makeover tool again!