Be The Designer

>This lovely home belongs to my client and friend Tristan. I've been lucky enough to work with her for a few years. We met when her home was being built and I've had the great pleasure of laughing with her and designing for her. I've showed you a part of her beautiful home already when I designed this wall that her talented husband built.This week she asked me to help solve a few design dilemmas she has with her kitchen. She's feeling that her kitchen needs a little pizzazz and that there's a little too much bright white.
Here's a hint of the colors she'd like to use. Her main concerns are the pantry door and her white table and chairs. I gave her my ideas and, since she knows that I write a blog, we thought it might be fun for my creative readers to give her some suggestions too. So. . . here's your chance to

be the designer! What suggestions do you have for Tristan's kitchen?****Don't forget to enter the Ramsign giveaway****