A Humble Picture

>Recently my daughter enlarged a photograph for me. It's a picture that she took a few years ago while in Argentina. The photo is of a row of homes. The first home belonged to a family that she knew. I love this picture for several reasons. It represents a time my daughter spent far away from home, serving strangers she grew to love. It's also a reminder of some very important life lessons, that she learned, that helped shape her into the incredible woman she is.
I wanted to frame the photo to give it the importance it deserves.
I measured my picture and bought a large frame with a double mat. I always buy my frames from thrift stores and give them a coat of spray paint to freshen them up and make them look good as new. I thought I'd try a spray paint makeover on the mat board too. I carefully took apart the double mat, and sprayed the frame and the inner mat black. The larger mat got a coat of heirloom white. When everything was dry I put in the photo and reassembled everything.
It looks like I spent a lot more than just two dollars for this piece of art.

There's another reason that I love this photograph so much. It is the perfect picture to show that it only takes a few lovingly placed items to turn even the most humble of houses into a home.

This beautiful picture stirs my emotions and
reminds me that I am truly blessed.