Be My Guest

>This may look like a continental breakfast for house guests but it was just a little Sunday morning treat for my family. I thought it would be nice to spoil them a bit and treat them like guests.

Embracing a beautiful lifestyle
doesn't have to cost a lot.
All of the food was bought on sale. All of the serving dishes came from the thrift store.
I enjoyed giving my family a little surprise that was easy, delicious, and pleasing to the eye. Their reaction? One son told me he was disappointed because there wasn't any waffles. Did I let his comment take away from the happiness that I received by creating the treat? No, but next time I'll know who to assign the task of making waffles.

For those who wanted to know how I made the monogram wreath on yesterday's post, it was made with the leftovers from this wreath. I just wired them onto a wooden form of the letter A.