Susan's Surprise

>I recently worked with Susan rearranging and styling her home. On my second visit I asked her to bring out all of her decorations and accessories that she had stored away but that she wanted to find a place for in her home.

I love this part of my job!
To me it feels like Christmas morning with new toys for
play and imagination

One of the items that appeared from her box was this
decorative iron piece
I immediately saw it's possibilities!
I told Susan the items she needed to purchase,
then she gave me the opportunity of pulling it all together.

First I cut a piece of cardboard to size then
I adhered floral foam using hot glue.
Next I dressed the foam with plenty of moss
and slipped the entire thing into the metal piece.
Then came the real fun!
I started with the fillers,
a beautiful backstage of greenery.

Next I placed the florals,
pretty poppies in red and yellow.
I attached a metal wire to the back for easy hanging.
Now Susan has a beautiful arrangement
to hang on her door or in her home,
made from an item that she had stored away.
Do you have something hidden away
that with a little transformation would become
a beautiful accessory?